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3Q Harmony is a cheap Tokyo sharehouse for backpackers, located in Arakawa-ku (the end of famous “Nippori Fabric town”). Feel at home in a quiet neighborhood at an affordable price. It is easy get to train stations or bus stops.

Nearby, you will find convenience stores (Lawson; 7-11), supermarkets, drug stores and almost everything else you may need. Whether it is for few days or a long-term stay, Harmony is a good place for the budget traveler.

Our 3Q Seasons and 3Q Harmony are twins, sharing the same entrance and featuring more than 25 rooms. We happily welcome group bookings for groups of 20+ people.

How to find us:

Directions to 3Q Harmony Tokyo Sharehouse from Narita Airport

The best way to reach Harmony Tokyo Sharehouse in Nippori is through Keisei’s Skyliner, Access Express, or Mainline.Please click here for photos. Keisei Skyliner – The Keisei Skyliner is the quickest way of reaching the Nippori 3Q House. It will take approximately 36-minutes and cost about 2,470yen. You can take the Keisei Skyline in the direction of Keiseiueno and get off at the Nippori Station stop. Keisei Access Express – The Keisei Access Express line takes about 60-minutes and costs 1,240 yen. Keisei Main Line – The Keisei Main Line takes approximately 80-minutes and costs about 1000yen. You can take the Keisei Mainline in the direction of Keiseiueno and get off at the Nippori Station stop.

Directions to 3Q Harmony from Haneda Airport

From Haneda Airport, take the Tokyo Monorail towards Hamamatsucho (20 minutes, 490 yen). At Hamamatsucho, switch to the Keihin Tohoku Line towards Minamiurawa and get off at Nippori Station (16 minutes, 170 yen). The total price should be 660 yen.

How to Find 3Q Harmony from Nippori Station

  1. From the Nippori train station, follow the North Gate signs to access the East Gate Exit after walking through the payment machines.
  2. Upon taking the East Gate Exit, from the escalator, cross the street (towards McDonalds) and follow the street to the right, towards the O’Connell restaurant, and follow the street for 13 minutes. You will pass many fabric stores including Tomato.
  3. Upon reaching Lawsons convenience store on the corner, you will see a Yakitori restaurant right after. The door to the right of the restaurant is the entrance to 3Q House Nippori. Welcome!

By Bus (3mins)

The bus station is just in front of the train station. Take 都08 (To08) towards 錦糸町駅前行き (Kinshicho Station Line), 2 minutes. Get off at “下根岸”(Shimo-negishi) stop. Cost: ¥210 (bus information)

By Taxi (1mins)

This will cost you about 800 yen.

Japan, 〒116-0014 Tōkyō-to, Arakawa-ku, Higashinippori, 3 Chome−9−12
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Check-in: From 2pm

Check-out: Between 10am-11am

3Q Harmony price list (each person, per night; tax included)
Single Bedroom: from 5400yen
2 bedroom: from 3600yen
3 Bedroom: from 3300yen

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