Spring is a magical time of year in Japan. The cherry blossoms begin to bloom, and travelers come from far and wide just for the spectacular view. The event is known as ‘Hanami’ (cherry blossom viewing). Are you planning to visit Tokyo this spring? During this time of year, accommodations are quite difficult to come by, but 3Q House has you covered. We provide quality short- and long-term stays at a great price, as well as all the information you need for the 2016 Tokyo sakura viewing season!

ueno park 2016 tokyo sakura

2016 Tokyo Sakura Events

Japan experiences its largest tourism boom in spring time, as the blooming sakura are quite a sight to behold. This especially true for the capital city. The following are cherry-blossom events for the 2016 Tokyo Sakura season:

Visit the Weeping Cherry Tree at Rikugien Garden, just 20 minutes by train from 3Q House. The tree is illuminated at night, creating scenery you won’t soon forget. The cost is only 300 yen for admission. Elementary school-age children are free, so bring the entire family for great fun at an incredibly low price. The garden will hold viewings and feature extended hours until April 3.

Yoyogi Park in Shibuya is the undisputed wonderland for cherry blossom viewing. Countless events and get-togethers will be held here throughout Spring. Or, you can simply venture out to the park on your own at any time. There, you will find plenty of tress to picnic under with that special someone.

Ueno Park gives Yoyogi a run for its money when it comes to Hanami. The Ueno Sakura Matsuri will run until April 10, featuring a seemingly endless supply of cherry blossom trees. Ueno Park is only 2 or 3 Keisei Line stops from 3Q House, depending on which location you choose to book your stay.

There are many more 2016 Tokyo Sakura viewing events happening throughout the season, all the way into May. For a full, comprehensive list, check out Go Tokyo for more!